Pete (apophiz) wrote,

[@krut] So, I didn't go to class today because a bee stung my crotch a half dozen times.
[@Pete] gah
[@Pete] hate when that happens
[@krut] that happened to me last night.
[@krut] the worst part was it was AFTER trying to fall asleep for hours on hours
[@Pete] it just took a dislike to your penis and went berserk?
[@krut] I was wondering what was itching
[@krut] so I started scratching
[@krut] then it started stinging
[@krut] then I started wondering what is going on. then I hear BZZZZZZZ BZ BZZ BZZZ
[@krut] and I'm getting stung all over the fucking place
[@Pete] hahaha
[@Pete] I mean, man :(
[@krut] shit
[@krut] I can't blame you
[@krut] if it didn't happen to me, I'd find it hilarious
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