Pete (apophiz) wrote,

There's been some interesting sunsets lately.. I'm going to take more photos of them. There's supposed to be a thunderstorm later hopefully, so I'll try and get some pics then. (Edit: just started raining. Woohoo!)

I want to take more photos in general, but I reeally want a new camera!

I love my cat Suki :) She's grumpy today because of the heat. She was all flopped out on the floor this morning:

She normally HATES her photo being taken, but she was being oddly cooperative today.

She followed me around while I made my breakfast (had a grapefruit and coffee from my Senseo coffee maker which I love!), and then of course as soon as I sat down she jumped onto my lap,

And once she gets comfortable, she always likes to flop her paws over the side of my arm, making it difficult to type or use the mouse. Of course I let her, because I'm a big softy.

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