Pete (apophiz) wrote,

Ha! I haven't done one of these in years!
Might as well...

A- Age: 33
B- Biggest fear: Being stuck in my current situation, or something similar, for much longer.
C- Current time: 20:21
D- Drink you last had: Coffee
E- Every day starts with: The sun rising. Also, coffee.
F- Favorite song: Ohhh god I cannot answer this question. I do love music. I now have so many playlists on Spotify, that it would be really useful to be able to make playlists for my playlists. My trouble is that when I really love a song, I'll play it again and again until I'm sick of hearing it. Then I have to wait months, or even years before I can enjoy it again.
G- Ghosts, are they real?: I AM a ghost.
H- Hometown: Croydon, South London. Now in Highgate, North London.
I- In love with:... :)
J- Jealous of: Creative people who actually get shit done. I'm getting there, though ;)
K- Killed someone?: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
L- Last time you cried?: Eeee. I have cried a lot this year. Maybe about 3 weeks ago.
M- Middle name: John. I do not like any of my names.
N- Number of siblings: Ha! This is a complicated question for me. The simplified answer is three.
O- One wish: To be happy (kinda dodging the question, but ssshhh)
P- Person you last called: Iulia
Q- Question you're always asked: "Why are you so sexy?". I don't know, people. I just am. Sheesh.
(Okay, that doesn't happen often. I can't think of many recurring questions)
R- Reason to smile: Something good might happen in December. Maybe.
S- Song last sang: Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre. I wish I could say I'm joking, but we play it often in the office at work. We play a lot of weird stuff... I say "we", but really I mean "I". I play a lot of weird, annoying, but amazing stuff. It's one of the only perks of my job.
T- Time you woke up: 7AM. Quite a bit earlier than usual, as I was expecting a phone call around that time. I did not get the phone call. Somehow, I still managed to almost be late for work.
U- Underwear color: Black. Black, like my coffee. Black, like my soul. Black! Black!
V- Vacation destination: HAHAHA you think I have money?! Oh wait, you're just a piece of text, you're not even a "you". Who am I talking to? Is anyone even reading this?! You're not even my real dad, I hate you!
W- Worst habit: Procrastinating. To the extreme.
X- X-Rays you've had: My head.
Y- Your favorite food: Pizza I guess.
Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo.
Tags: i've-been-away-so-long-that-i-dont-remem
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