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Delete yourself!

HAHAHA! 490 journal entries deleted!! I finally got the courage to do it!! I had to delete them all individually, as there's no other way of doing it. I read some of the past entries. There were lots of ups and downs. But only now I realise that the few ups definitely made up for the many downs. I feel more homesick than ever now, but it's ok, as hopefully next week will be going to Croydon next week to see Vice Squad to play at the cartoon.

For the record, my first LJ entry was on the 3rd September 2001. My favorite line out of the whole journal was this:

'I can nearly smell the rain soaked leaves and wilted autumn grasses as thin wisps of smoke float past under a somber, lonely moon. Painful, yes. But with a beauty unmatched. The only word I can summon...Amazing'

Fuck knows if I can remember where that came from now.. some website.

Well now that I've deleted my past life, it's time to carry on with the rest of it...
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